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American Ninja
Warrior Junior


Building Ninjas One Obstacle at a Time

Instructional Class
from 15.00

Our instructional classes involve general warm-up followed by drills for improving coordination, balance, strength and endurance through obstacles. 5-13 Years old. 15 person limit per class so our instructor can supervise everyone.

Mondays through Thursdays 5:30-6:30PM

  • Pay online or at the door. Bring indoor shoes (no outside shoes)

  • Wear comfortable clothing you can move around in easily

  • Ninja will improve confidence and teach Good Decision Making Skills

  • Get more practice at Open Gym Monday through Thursday 6:30-7:30PM

  • Monthly membership available to save money for you!

  • Additional siblings are 20% off per child

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Private Party Rentals
from 50.00

Two hours of the most fun party you’ll ever have! Saturdays from 12:30pm-2:30pm or 3:00-5:00PM.

Includes 15 minutes before and after to prepare and pack up.

Includes 30 minutes of instruction by a qualified Ninja Coach.

Includes up to 20 total participants for the party.

Premium Party Package includes Video Highlights from Party and favors for each attendee.

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Open Gym
from 10.00

Open Gym time is for working on ninja skills at your own pace. No structured teaching will occur during open gym. Occasional games will be played. Open Gyms are 1 hour in length. 15 person limit so please pay prior to class. (You may pay at the door but please message us through email, social, or text message that you are coming.)

  • Offered Mondays through Thursdays from 630-730pm

  • Some Fridays either at 530 for ages 5-8 y/o or 630 for ages 9-13 y/o

  • Some Saturdays either at 10AM for ages 5-8 y/o or 11AM for 9-13 y/o

  • Bring indoor shoes (no outside shoes)

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We suggest a minimum age of 5 years old to participate (due to attention span and height on equipment). However, you may determine your child is ready for the program and that’s okay (we do not offer refunds).


What is Ninja?

Our definition of Ninja is simply understanding how to use your body in order to overcome obstacles. Every BODY is unique and every MIND creates new possibilities. As a community, we continually learn from each other and push each other to become more versatile than we were yesterday.

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Month Membership
from 65.00
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Rent Our Facility

Two hours of the most fun party you’ll ever have! Saturdays from 1pm-3pm, or 3:30-5:30pm.

Includes 15 minutes before to prepare and 15 minutes after to pack up.

Includes 30 minutes of instruction by a qualified Ninja Coach.

Includes up to 20 total participants for the party.

Upgrade to the Premium Party Package which includes a 2-3 minute video highlight of the party and favors for each attendee.

Become a Member


As a member of Keystone Ninja Factory you will have full access to one class and one open gym per day as well as 20% off private facility rentals. This membership runs on a monthly basis. It starts from the day of your first use and runs until the same date of the next month.

Additional Siblings always get a discount off services purchased together! (Because we know what it’s like to have a few kids!)

KNF Members also have the opportunity to become “Ninja of the Month” which involves a checklist of skills, seminars, and helping others. NOM’s get their picture on the wall, a special wristband, and 50% off their next month membership.


Private Party Rentals
from 50.00
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Race and Station Competitions rotate each month. Jan 26 - Race; Feb 23 - Stations; March 23 - Race; April 27 - Station - Races; All competitions go from 10am-noon and are limited to the first 20 registrants.

$20 Advance Registration or $25 at the door.

Race: Four chances to run the fastest time in your age group. Two runs on the pre-set 10-obstacle course and two runs on the checkpoint course where competitors create their fastest path between 4 buzzers.

Stations: Rotate around 4 stations to get your best result. Stations are specific challenges at predetermined obstacles like the warped wall or monkey bars.

Age Groups: Male&Female divisions at age 6-8 y/o; 9-10 y/o; 11-12 y/o; 13-15 y/o
Prizes: Each participant gets a KNF wristband. Winner of each age group gets t-shirt. Parent / spectators free to enter with chance to win door prizes. Overall male and female finishers get 50% off month membership at Keystone Ninja Factory.

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Ninja of the Month Program

Copy of No Outside Shoes On The Mat, Please.png

1) What is a NOM?

Ninja of the Month is a way to motivate our Ninjas to improve and develop as all around athletes. NOM winners will get their picture taken with the KNF Logo Shrine and have it posted online and in the gym. In addition, NOM’s earn a Special Wristband and 50% off their next month membership.

At the end of each month, all NOM qualifiers will be discussed by KNF Instructors and Staff until we have a distinctive winner. That winner will be notified so we can take a picture and present them with their award.

2) How to Become a NOM:

Progression- Must successfully complete half of “KNF Wall Challenges”

Helpfulness- Must show kindness in helping other ninjas during that month

Attendance- Must have participated in 1 KNF class each week of that month

Quiz- Must pass the 15 question written Seminar Quiz about movement.

Skill- Must have learned and checked-off one new skill that month.

*NOM’s may only earn this recognition once every 12 months.

3) When Can I Begin?

Each instructional class at Keystone Ninja Factory will involve some type of NOM qualification. Participants each have a chart to follow this progress.

Good luck to everyone during their ninja journey.